Capital Structuring

Senior Debt

NMK Companies has a wide variety of options for your needs with relationships with over 100 private and institutional capital sources. Depending on your location, capital stack requirements and collateral, we can source capital anywhere from internationally to your local market. While most of our transactions are in the middle market with institutional lenders, we also work on many large-scale transactions as well as work with more cutting edge options such as CLO and crowd funded equity. The value of our innovative service includes matching your transaction with the most aggressive capital provider, negotiating on your behalf to make understood the true value of your project and establishing exactly the most effective cash flow for the future of your commercial asset.

Mezzanine Debt

Subordinate to the senior debt, mezzanine and preferred equity capital is used to increase leverage. Typically mezzanine debt is higher risk than senior debt, therefore requiring higher returns. To secure mezzanine debt it is possible to use a second trust deed or attain partnership in the company itself. Preferred equity is a type of unsecured mezzanine debt and is subordinate to secured mezzanine debt. The loan to value, debt service coverage ratios and level of securitization play a strong role in the structuring of mezzanine debt. At NMK Companies out staff’s expertise ensures that the right type of mezzanine debt is chosen from the vast variety of subordinate capital options.


NMK Companies has relationships with high net worth individuals, family offices, joint venture partners and institutional equity investors. Depending on your specific needs we are able to source equity that has limited project involvement such as institutional equity or partner you with another operator that will not only bring equity but expertise in management and oversight to maximize returns. We also have the ability to syndicate equity for projects requiring many investors. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with capital partners by clearly communicating a comprehensive risk adjusted return analysis.

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